I appreciate EightRoots Solutions because we work together as a team to support one another continuously. Each individual plays a significant role in the company, so everyone is involved in decision-making processes. As an apprentice, you are quickly accepted into the friendly and open-minded team as an employee. I have already learned a lot from the great trust placed in me and the feedback I get about my tasks.

For my career start in web developing, I wanted an energetic and appealing working environment, close collegial teamwork, a strong client focus, and challenging personal development tasks. In my daily work as a web developer at EightRoots Solutions, these intentions are fully met.

I needed to collaborate with people, face challenging tasks, and take responsibility daily – and consulting promised just that. Now, after a bit more than four months with EightRoots Solutions, I can confidently say that these expectations have been and continue to be met every day. Taking ownership and responsibility for our diverse client and internal projects from day one and driving them to success is at the core of what we do.

I am always challenged to find ways and solutions that guarantee a smooth process for all. It helps a lot that EightRoots Solutions has no rigid structures to work with a lot of creative freedom.

For me, EightRoots Solutions is the perfect blend of professionalism and family atmosphere. My colleagues and I share the motivation to question the status to protect our clients, realizable value. To use innovative approaches and enable high interaction with the clients, it is expected that everyone – regardless of his/ her level – expresses opinions and actively contributes to the project’s overall success from day one. Due to our high focus on clients’ needs, we understand the client requirements, own the project, advise the clients on the best options. That’s how every project becomes a new and exciting challenge.